APECS International Directorate poszukuje nowej instytucji – gospodarza

Międzynarodowy Sekretariat APECS (APECS Insternational Directorate), który obecnie mieści się przy Uniwersytecie w Tromso, poszukuje nowej instytucji – gospodarza oraz sponsorów.

Poniżej pełna informacja ze strony www.apecs.is:

The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is launching an international call for bids to host the International Directorate Office for the organisation starting February 2017.

Expressions of interests from interested institutions/countries are being accepted until 30 April 2016. The deadline for full bids is 20 June 2016.

APECS is the preeminent international and interdisciplinary organization for early career researchers with interests in Polar and Alpine regions and the wider Cryosphere. With the current funding agreements for the APECS international directorate coming to a close on 31 January 2017, we are looking for a new host(s) and sponsor(s) starting February 2017.

The International Directorate is the secretariat of APECS serving as the main contact point for members and partners, coordinating the day-to-day management of the organisation, providing support for APECS activities, projects, and committees while also providing continuity and institutional memory. It currently includes one full-time position (Executive Director). Due to the enthusiasm of our growing community, and its accordant commitments, collaborations, number of projects, and organizational needs, additional funded positions (part-time or full-time) supporting the work of the secretariat are also sought located either at the main secretariat host or at other institutions.

Detailed information regarding the call for bids can be found at http://www.apecs.is/who-we-are/call-for-bids-2016.html. For questions please contact the APECS Executive Director Dr. Gerlis Fugmann at gerlis.fugmann@apecs.is or the APECS Executive Committee at excom@apecs.is.

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