IASC poszukuje fotografii do biuletynu 2018

Zachęcamy do przesyłania fotografii polarnych do International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Secretariat wg poniższych wytycznych!
Termin mija 3 kwietnia br.

„Dear Colleagues,

Thinking about submit your photos for the open IASC Photo Call? Do it now!

We will soon be selecting pictures for the cover and contents of the 2018 IASC Bulletin. In addition to all your awesome pictures of Arctic flora, fauna, and landscapes, IASC is particularly interested in pictures where we can show our community at work, in the Arctic.

Gathering some ice samples? Interviewing an Arctic community member? Driving a snowmobile? Sharing a meal with the next door research station? Yes, these are exactly the pictures we are looking for! Just make sure the people in your picture agree to be there, too.

With each photo, IASC requests:

• a short description about what we see and background information on the project/research;
• place;
• name of photographer / Institute;
• contact information.

You can upload your pictures here,along with the information detailed above (in a standard text format). Images should be at least 3600 pixels wide. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the IASC Communications Manager, Federica. For more information on IASC’s publications and work, please visit www.iasc.info.

If you want your photos to be considered for the 2018 Bulletin, make sure to upload them before April 3rd 2018.

Thank you and best wishes,


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