Konferencja „High North Dialogue 2018” oraz kursy dla studentów i doktorantów, Bodø (Norwegia), kwiecień 2018

Nord Univeristy Business School w Bodø zaprasza w połowie kwietnia 2018 na 2-dniową konferencję High North Dialogue 2018’, której motywem przewodnim będzie dyskusja nad szeregiem wyzwań stojących przed Daleką Północą oraz szukanie jak najlepszych rozwiązań gospodarczych i biznesowych dla tego regionu. Będzie również możliwość uczestnictwa w 1-tygodniowym kursie doskonalącym dla studentów lub doktorantów.

Konferencja odbędzie się w Bodø (Norwegia), w dniach 18–19 kwietnia 2018. 

Szczegółowe informacje: 

 The annual High North Dialogue conference gathers experts and stakeholders from a wide range of sectors and has a strong focus on business development and economic growth in the High North. The fact that the conference provides a platform to interact with young academics and professionals with an interest in the Arctic is one aspect that past participants have highlighted as especially useful. The conference coincides with week-long Master and PhD courses that gather more than 120 graduate students from Norway, Russia, China, and many other countries.

 The theme of the conference in 2018 is Growth in the Arctic. We will explore topics such as High North scenarios, maritime waste and the regional dimension of development. Business leaders and entrepreneurs will share their thoughts and know-how on how the enormous business potential in the Arctic can be utilized. For the third consecutive year, we present the High North Hero Award to a person or an organization that has contributed to highlighting the importance of the High North. We invite everyone to nominate candidates.

 We would also like to invite you to take part in our research workshop on Tuesday April 17, connecting scholars across academic fields to discuss various aspects of growth in the Arctic.

 For more information about the conference, please refer to our website at www.highnorthdialogue.com.

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