Societal relevance of polar research: scientific conference and workshops

Date: 27th- 28th November 2018


Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences, Centre for Polar Studies,
Centre for Polar Studies – the Leading National Research Centre
Committee of Polar Research Polish Academy of Sciences (Section of Social Sciences and Polish Polar Research History),
Polish Polar Consortium
with the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Organising Committee:

Jan Marcin Weslawski – local host, chairman
Michał Łuszczuk – scientific chairman
Magdalena Łącka and Tymon Zieliński – conference secretariat


Representatives of natural sciences, in the era of rapidly growing number of projects and plans for the polar research, are encouraged more than ever before to reflect upon the significance and relevance of the scientific research in polar regions for the wider society. This is linked with the other question, namely, how the polar research is perceived and understood by the community, by decision makers, by media and opinion trendsetters.

To stimulate discussion about both topics we would like to examine the relevance of polar research among different countries and particular societies that are rooted in the tradition, history and geographical settings. Due to the 100 th anniversary of regaining independence there will be a wider presentation of case studies from Poland.

The scientific conference and workshop will be devoted to: (1) presentation and discussion of state of art of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge about social relevance of polar research; (2) brain-storming new ideas, that through excellent studies and well-designed outreach could boost the significance of polar research in contemporary societies in different parts of the world; (3) developing a network of institutions interested in establishing closer cooperation on societal relevance of polar research and preparation proposals to international funding programs.

The language of the meeting is English, authors of presentations are encouraged to present their contributions as papers in peer reviewed journals and in Springer thematic book.


  • Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Powstańców Warszawy street 55, Sopot 81-712, POLAND


  • Jan Marcin Weslawski:
  • Michał Łuszczuk:
  • Magdalena Łącka:
  • Tymon Zieliński: