PhD student scholarship, Institute of Oceanology PAS, project ‘CoastDark’: Changes in the structure and functioning of pelagic ecosystems affected by water darkening due to glacier/river runoff in the fjords of European Arctic


• Master’s level of studies in discipline related to the project’s scope (e.g., bioinformatics)
• Experience and interest in ecology/biology (and/or earth sciences)
• Good skills in statistics including multidimensional analyses (e.g., PCA, ANOSIM, RDA, t-sne, ANOVA, Hierarchical Clustering, etc.)
• Experience in programming languages (e.g., R, Matlab, Python etc.) and in modeling (preferably shortly illustrated in portfolio)
• Very good level of written and oral English language
• Experience in publishing scientific results
• Good communication skills, high motivation for work in interdisciplinary team/scope, passion for science, creativity

What is funded/Duration

Scholarship in the amount of PLN 4 500 PLN per month, paid for 36 months. The scholarship can start between July and October 2019.
During being a beneficiary of the NCN scholarship at the maximum level, which is planned within this project, the candidate cannot receive any other remuneration from the NCN’s funds (under a contract of employment and/or civil law contracts).


Applications should be submitted by 14th June 2019, 4:00 p.m., via e-mail to the following addresses: (project’s co-ordinator) and/or with a title: “PhD student – CoastDark”.

We will contact selected candidates by email by 10th July 2019.