The purpose of creating an unified Polish polar metadatabase is to:

  • build a platform where different datasets from a given geographical location are in one place
  • make datasets easier accessible and searchable
  • foster open access to data



Prof. Leszek Łęczyński, University of Gdańsk


Prof. Paweł Bylina, Warsaw University of Technology Prof. Dariusz Gotlib, Warsaw University of Technology Dr. Grzegorz Karasiński, Institute of Geophisics, PAS Prof. Piotr Köhler, Jagiellonian University Dr. Łukasz Małarzewski, University of Silesia Krzysztof Rymer, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznzń Marcin Wichorowski, Institute of Oceanology, PAS

Currently we are working on:

  • software development
  • solving legal issues concerning access to datasets